Qwerty Mobile Phones in India 2014

What is a QWERTY?
QWERTY is a keyboard layout that a lot a of cellphones adopt for the consumers. The name comes from the first six letters of the keyboard of a PC when read from left to right from the top most corner, that Q W E R T Y. It was designed to make people go slow while typing and thus jamming the keys.

Which are the most popular QWERTY phones in India?
Blackberry is by far the most common QWERTY phone or rather the most popular QWERTY phone. After the company introduced the concept on a mobile phone decades ago, many companies have adapted the same strategy. Apart from Blackberry (Blackberry Curve 8250), other brands that have introduced QWERTY phones include , etc.
QWERTY phones improve the accuracy of typing a text by a substantial amount as compared to the keypads that have three or four letters on a single button. Also the fact that the arrangement of the letters on the keypad is exactly as the pattern on the keyboard of a computer also enhances its accuracy with its familiarity.

What are the different type of QWERTY keypad cell phones?
SLIDER QWERTY phone - This QWERTY phone as the name suggests comes with a slider handset. The top portion of the phone that is the screen of the phone slides up revealing the keypad to type the text. Micromax Q6 QWERTY Slider and Nokia C6 QWERTY Slider are examples of such phones.

CANDYBAR QWERTY - This particular style has the keypad right on the face of the handset. This is the most common type of QWERTY handset/phone and also the very first type or the original QWERTY phone that came into existence decades ago and is still going strong. Blackberry curve 87520 is an example of such handset along with LG Optimus Q2, Samsung Forte, Samsung Chat 527, Motorola XT316, Motorola XPRT, etc.

What are the various Android QWERTY phones in India?
HTC Chacha is a QWERTY Android phone that is priced at Rs. 15,000 while Motorola Charm MB502 comes with the Android 2.1 Eclair OS and is priced at Rs. 6999. Other QWERTY keypad Android mobile phones include LG Optimus Pro C660 priced at Rs. 9590 while Motorola Milestone comes with the OS of Android 2.2 Froyo and is priced at Rs. 13500.
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