Nokia Qwerty Mobile Phones in India 2014

Nokia QWERTY Mobile Phones

Features of Nokia QWERTY mobile phones

The name QWERTY has been derived from the six alphabets on the top most of the keyboard when read from left to right. This particular design of keyboard was created by Christopher Sholes in around 1874. This kind of a keyboard comes handy when users type too fast and jam the keys of an alpha-numeric keypad, since it does not allow you to push in the keys too quick. Whatever phones are doing well in the market now-a-days either are smartphones or QWERTY phones. This helps a user to be quick in a comfortable, even while typing special characters. What is special about QWERTY phones is a separate key for each alphabet, with shortcut keys for symbols. Some of the most popular Nokia QWERTY mobile phones are , a WiFi enabled phone priced at .

Latest Nokia QWERTY mobile phones

Nokia keeps coming up with new phones every now and then. The latest Nokia QWERTY mobile phones are from the . Nokia Asha 303 stands somewhere around Rs. 8,900, Nokia Asha 302 is being sold at Rs. 6,919, Nokia Asha 200 Dual SIM is for Rs. 4,760, which in fact stands out as a bestseller. Few other Asha series phones are Asha 311, 202, 300.

Best Nokia QWERTY mobile phones

Though, the growth of Nokia phones has somewhat slumped but the company still continues giving high quality phones to its consumers. To list the best Nokia QWERTY phones, one can start with Asha 200, a dual SIM phone available at mere Rs. 4,760, then Asha 303 being sold at Rs. 8,900, and one of the real cheap ones is Nokia Asha 202 at Rs. 3,699.

Price of Nokia QWERTY mobile phones

There are many other brands as well, who are producing QWERTY phones. Since there are many, with the competition being strong, all brands bring phones that would be high in demand and quite high on technology too. Most of them run on Android, but still are low on the cost part. One of the least expensive is , which is as low as ; another QWERTY phone with WiFi is Nokia C3-00, quite a budget phone at Rs. 7,500. To go on to the higher end as far as Nokia QWERTY phone is considered, there is that is available for {highest_model_price}.
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