Micromax Mobile Phones in India 2014

Micromax came into being in 1991, based out of Gurgaon, India. However, it became a household name just a few years back, when in 2008 Micromax entered Indian mobile market. In next 6 months, the company worked hard enough to make a place of 0.59% in the market. Global Handset Vendor Market share report from Strategy Analytics declared the company to the 12th largest handset manufacturer of the world. Having grasped the Indian mobile market pretty well, Micromax, with an understanding of the consumer choices, have plunged into the mobile market in Hong Kong, Nepal, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Afghanistan, Brazil, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman.

Features of Micromax mobile phones

Micromax proudly claims to provide its consumers long life for the batteries, calling it “Marathon battery,” which promises of a 30-day battery when considered its stand-by time. The multimedia phones from Micromax offer much more powerful speakers thus giving superior sound quality. These also come with WiFi FM antenna, camera, built-in motion sensor. Micromax X235 is phone that can be programmed to work as universal remote for TVs, DVD and VCD players and air conditioners. Few of Micromax smartphones are Microsoft Windows phones that come added with “Map my India” app and voice assisted GPS navigation. Micromax mobile phones also gravity sensor enabled. One feature that could really attract consumers is the phone functioned to work as WiFi motion sensing controller suited the best for computer games. Micromax also offers GSM-CDMA phones also. LED flashlight, color screen and FM radio are constant features of most of the Micromax phones.

Types of Micromax mobile phones

Micromax claims to have brought superphones for its consumers saying that smartphones are a thing of past now. Micromax A56 and and Micromax A45 are the two superfones. The best Micromax mobile phones are Micromax X259, which is a Solar phone, meaning to say it can be charged with the solar energy; it also is a dual SIM phone. Micromax X40 is another of the hot phones doing rounds. It is a projector phone, what could be more exciting than a tripod coming with it. Micromax X450 is another of WOW phones that comes with a dockable bluetooth headset that is self-charging. Along with being a dual SIM phone, it also is a dual standby phone. Then there is Micromax Q34, a touch and type phone, with a QWERTY keypad, which is one of the best phones to stay connected. Micromax X445 comes with a huge touch screen, of 8.1 cm, 15 preloaded movies, and live TV streaming. Micromax also has GSM+CDMA phones, Q35 and EG333.

Latest Micromax Mobile Phones

Since Micromax has just recently boomed into the Indian mobile market, all the phones are comparatively new. Still, to list out, there is Micromax A80, which can be called the latest launch, another is A56, both of which are not just smartphones, but superfones. Out of the X series, which happesn to be the most innovative of all, X 259 is the latest. The marathon battried X1i Xtra and X 246 are the latest launches. Latest Micromax mobile phones can also include X 101, X 234+, phones that are all about camera, music, etc.

Price of Micromax Mobile Phones

Price of Micromax mobile phones have been set very competitively. The phones give what they have been rated at. The hottest of all Micromax phones, Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 comes for around Rs. 15,499. Micromax GC700 can be bought for Rs. 12,500, whereas Q55 Bling comes for a mere Rs. 2875. One of the recent launches, Micromax A50 Superfone Ninja will cost around Rs. 4825, A45 Punk is for Rs. 5140, among many others.

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