Micromax 3G Mobile Phones in India 2014

Micromax 3G mobile phone

3G, when expanded comes to 3rd generation mobile communications. 3G is one of the five generations of standard for mobile phone service providers that fulfill the IMT-2000 or International Mobile Telecommunication specifications. The application provides facilities of Internet access on mobiles, video calls, mobile TV, etc.; in short, makes a complete entertainment package.
Micromax, a budding company manufacturing mobile phones has, uptil now, brought out just a few 3G mobiles. Most of them come laden with features, for instance, there are Micromax A70, Micromax Q80, Micromax A50 Superfone Ninja, Micromax A55, Micromax A73, Micromax Modu T, Micromax Andro A60, Micromax A78, etc.

Features of Micromax 3G Mobile Phones

Micromax has created a niche of its own, with some smart touches added to its range of phones. For example, there is “lock screen,” which comes with a pulsating blue ring that can be pulled in any of the four directions to unlock, message, contact, etc. Also, all such phones are smartphones, or rather “superfones”, like the company says that smartphones are now a passé, since superfones are here to take over the market. All the 3G phones are based on Android, on versions like 2.3, 2.3.1, Gingerbread versions, etc. Micromax has also blessed its phones with the feature of hot swapping. One of the most attractive features of Micromax 3G mobile phones is AISHA, the voice recognition application, with which the user just has to give voice commands, and the application can make a call, message, search for matrimonial alliances and jobs too, etc. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. are the few obvious features.

Latest Micromax 3G Mobile Phones

Since Micromax is quite an emerging company in mobiles segment, there are many new products added to the list of latest Micromax 3G mobile phones. The latest 3G device is Micromax Funbook, a tablet, which does not come with calling facility. All the Micromax smartphones are all 3G enabled. To list a few, there is Micromax A70, the 3G network has a HSDPA 2100. Micromax A78, which takes commands by both, touch screen and QWERTY keypad, is a dual SIM phone, with a network band mode of GSM at 900/1800 MHz, WCDMA at 2100 MHz and HSDPA at 7.2Mbps and HSUPA at 5.76Mbps. Then there is Micromax A73, a superfone (and not a smartphone!), which is out and out a social networking phone, running on Android Gingerbread version 2.3, and 3G network band of WCDMA at 2100MHz on its second SIM.

Most Popular Micromax 3G Mobile Phones

Almost all the Micromax 3G mobile phones have gained more than enough publicity with its affordable prices. Out of all the phones, superfine series has won the most smiles. Micromax A50 Superfone Ninja is the phone that first brought in AISHA, artificial intelligence speech handset assistant, which can search videos, post tweets, update status, check the weather, browse net, all a voice command working on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. There is also Micromax Ando A60, the 3G network band works on HSDPA at 900 / 2100. There still are many more.

Price of Micromax 3G Mobile Phones

A new bud in the mobile market, Micromax has very smartly priced its products. To sustain the market competition, the prices have been kept as the most affordable. Micromax A70 comes for as less as Rs. 5,999; Micromax Q80 has been placed at Rs.2,299; with all its features like Micromax X089 could be the cheapest Micromax 3G mobile phone in India, at Rs.1,059. Micromax A55 price in India is just Rs. 4,083, another of cheap Micromax 3G mobile phones. Expensive Micromax 3G mobile phone could be Micromax A78, resting at Rs. 7,189. Micromax A73 can be bought for just 5,999 bucks.

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